Cloud-based intelligent and proactive control logic for process optimization.


Process monitoring

Toihan experts follow the wastewater treatment process performance with remote access and are ready to support mill operators in process control.


Proactive control

Mill-specific algorithms track process changes and produce recommendations for optimal process adjustments to make corrective actions before final effluent quality is compromised.


Data quality monitoring

Mill process data and and adjustment recommendations quality are validated before sending recommendations to mill.

”PAULA-WWTP a cloud-based process control logic designed exclusively for pulp and paper industry wastewater treatment. It improves wastewater treatment stability under all conditions"


Improve wastewater treatment process performance by increasing the accuracy and timing of process adjustments.

PAULA-WWTP® improves the accuracy and timing for process adjustments by removing the delay between measured values and process adjustments. This enables implementation of corrective actions before final effluent quality is compromised.



Test PAULA-WWTP® at your mill.

The easiest way to discover benefits of PAULA-WWTP® is to organize a test period at your mill. Test period begins with mill database analysis for identifying the process data needed for predictive analytics. If there is a need for additional measurements, Toihan will help mill personnel to collect supplementary data.

We offer our services with end-user customization and without long-term commitment requirements. Once the connection is established, you can easily add and remove service elements in PAULA-WWTP®.

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