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Process monitoring

Increase process awareness with mill-specific algorithms and soft-sensors.


Proactive control

Utilize the potential of already available process data in proactive and real-time control.


Key performance indicators

Follow process performance real-time to ensure stable process.

”We have designed a process optimization application exclusively for pulp and paper industry wastewater treatment. It has grown within our company for years. So what has changed? Now it has a name.”


Avoid unnecessary process upsets. Increase the process stability. Improve the overall performance.

In many cases process upsets in activated sludge process may compose 5-20 % of COD and 20-60 % of phosphorous annual load to waterways. With PAULA-WWTP® injurious process upsets can be observed  and corrective acrions implemented before effluent quality is compromised.



Test PAULA-WWTP® at your mill.

The easiest way to discover benefits of PAULA-WWTP® is to organize a test period at your mill. Test period begins with mill database analysis for identifying the process data needed for predictive analytics. If there is a need for additional measurements, Toihan will help mill personnel to collect supplementary data.

We offer our services with end-user customization and without long-term commitment requirements. Once the connection is established, you can easily add and remove service elements in PAULA-WWTP®.

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