Flocmark image

Toihan has elevated wastewater treatment to a new level with a computer vision application. Flocmark analyzes microscopic images of biosludge, utilizing intelligent computer technology, thus eliminating human error and allowing room for more accurate analysis.

The human based variation in visual interpretation influences the reported results, leaving room for human error and inconsistencies. In addition, the biosludge floc structure or quality is often not reported at all, even though biosludge flocs have a great impact on the settling properties and effluent quality

Flocmark microscopic image analysis covers the whole biosludge structure, including traditional filament analysis, but also floc area, density, and size distributions. This creates a plant-specific diagnostic and helps to improve wastewater treatment process performance. It also enables a fast and analytical way to evaluate biosludge quality and its development over time to ensure consistency at the plant.

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