NEWS / 16-03-17

Toihanin artikkeli julkaistiin Appita Journalissa


A scientific article about real time monitoring of COD written by Sakari Toivakainen et al. was published in Appita Journal.

The measurement of total dissolved solids (TDS) and its correlation to dissolved chemical oxygen demand (DCOD) in different kraft pulp mill wastewater solutions was studied at laboratory scale with an online refractometer. The study concluded that TDS can be measured successfully at a kraft pulp mill wastewater treatment plant in spite of suspended solids such as fibres or biosludge. The correlation between DCOD and refractometer measured TDS was very strong. The estimated ratio between the changes in DCOD and in TDS for lignin solutions was 1.81 to 1.85 and for kraft pulp mill wastewater 1.13 to 1.29. Accordingly the removal of DCOD in a plug flow aeration basin of an activated sludge process could be monitored with refractometer TDS measurements.

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